A gift: desktop & mobile wallpapers tailored for a lucky 2013!

Billions of people around the world struggle with messy desktops every day!

How many times did you think to yourself: “Where in the world is my stuff?!?”. If you’re not a die hard fan of the Where’s Wally (or Waldo, if you’re American or Canadian) this might be a bit annoying.

“I always download files to my desktop and then I cannot find them anywhere!”
- Mark Messburg, Large City, USA.

“I have my deskop well-organized, but my wallpaper is pink and it hurts my eyes”
- Diego Santana, Tijuana.

If you feel the same, we have something that will definitely change your life, and improve its quality by a lot! Our scientists came up with a wallpaper that makes you fell happy, isn’t pink and organizes your stuff for you!*

How much do you think a wallpaper like that might cost you? $500? $300? $500?

NOPE. It’s free! :)

Choose the version that best suits your device:
iPhone 5 (640×1136 px)
iPhone (640×960 px)
1280×800 px
1440×900 px
1680×1050 px
1920×1200 px
2560×1440 px
iPad (1024×1024 px)
iPad Retina (2048×1536 px)


* some of the features are made up.

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